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You have a vision. Or maybe it’s more of a wild, unfettered imagining. Maybe you’re already working on it and need help taking it to the next level. Maybe you’re just starting out but don’t know where to begin. And maybe you haven’t quite gathered the courage to start yet, for the task seems impossible. Wherever you’re up to, you know one thing: ‘normal’ ain’t gonna cut it.

You crave success. An abundant lifestyle. The stability and freedom to stand in your own power and independently create a life on your own terms. You’re ready to write your own fairytale. The only thing standing in your way: is an effective means of marketing your vision.
Wherever you’re in your business, we’re here to help you tap into all that feral potential and create something spectacular on your terms.

A little over a decade ago, I was broke, homeless, and struggling to get my mental health under control, making it impossible to get a normal 9-5. But I could write. And from the box room of my mum’s house built a business from scratch, with nothing but my ability to write. I had no marketing training, no business degree, and knew nothing. But I learned fast, devoured every scrap of training I could get my hands on, and soon paid off my debts, bought a new car, and moved into a home of my own.

Skip ahead a few more years, and I took a three-month contract at a local digital marketing agency in Northwich, covering their content marketing manager’s maternity leave. That turned into a full-time role, a promotion to head of marketing, and four years of devising client marketing campaigns, managing the marketing team, and delivering top-notch results.

But the entrepreneurial itch just wouldn’t go away.

Rebel Wolf is my wild, unfettered imagining. A place that allows entrepreneurs struggling or finding it tough to grow to their full potential, the jump-start I never had. A shortcut to the ability to create effective marketing strategies that just work.

No fancy angles, no dodgy tricks, no sleazy sales tactics. Just marketing strategies that work. And the ability to put agency-level marketing strategies to work in your business right from the start. Here you can learn how to do what we do. Or you can hire us to do it for you.

Meet The Pack

Wordsmithery 100%
Bossing It 100%
SEO 95%
Content Marketing 90%
Branding 80%

Magic Power: Sass

Hazel – Girlboss

Website Development 100%
Wordpress 100%
IT Support 95%
SEO 75%

Magic Power: Witty Banter

Si – Web Wizard

Blog Writing 90%
Website Copy 80%
Email Writing 75%

Magic Power: Loud Mouth

Sarah – Scribe

Illustration 95%
Digital Painting 90%
Graphic Design 80%

Magic Power: Polystyrene Peanut Sculptures

Tim – Artist

Editing 100%
Proofreading 95%
Wordsmithery 80%

Magic Power: Deadpan Snarker

Kate – Word Fixer

Charm 100%
Cuddles 95%
Bringer Of Joy 85%
Distraction Tactics 90%
Napping 60%

Magic Power: The Source Of All Cute

Dexter AKA ‘Little Wolf’ – Chief Morale Officer

Rebel Wolf Philosophy

The philosophy of Rebel Wolf revolves around a few core tenets. We believe everyone has the power and right to independent freedom and the ability to live a life on their own terms. As a result, we are a remote-first business. We have a physical office in Northwich, so we have space to create cool videos, record podcasts, and run in-person digital marketing training. However, the team pretty much work from wherever they want. Most have their own businesses they’re running and developing, and we fully support that. We applaud it. So, you might find us in the office, but you’re more likely to find us at the beach!

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