A Little Wild Magic From Your SEO Agency

Every business is unique; a special little snowflake.
No cookie-cutter SEO solutions here.

If you’ve found Rebel Wolf, chances are you’ve been trying to figure out how to effectively optimise your website and content yourself. Bravissimo! We’re super proud of you. Knowledge is power, baby! BUT something has drawn you to click through to see what we can do for you.

Maybe you’re tired of the hustle and grind and need to create a little ease in your SEO flow. Or you’re exhausted from wasting hours on cold calls, cold emails, and chasing after cold social media prospects. You’re ready for those ideal clients to come to you. And you’re ready, like, yesterday. You just need results already!

Whatever the reason, if you’re struggling to gain traction and need a bit of extra help, we’d be delighted to provide it.

Why Us?

I’m Hazel.

I founded Rebel Wolf to empower entrepreneurs and business owners (just like me) with highly effective and accessible marketing. This is largely done through content marketing and SEO training. Our training teaches you how to DIY a strategy that costs thousands of pounds a month to outsource to an agency. We’re here to teach you how it’s done, and do as much (or as little) of it as needed.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade, I spent 4 years doing it as Head of Marketing for another agency, and I’ve personally trained everyone wolf in my pack in the fine art of SEO (what Dexter could tell you about topic clusters and blogger outreach would amaze you).

Feel free to peruse the blog, it’s chock full of proverbial pudding (ya know – proof we actually know our shit and aren’t full of it!)

Magically Infused SEO Services For ❄️ Businesses

Our approach to SEO is entirely holistic. We have some fixed-priced actions to make life easier (we call them spells, cuz, theme). We also have monthly retainer packages (grimoires), providing proven strategies available at different levels, depending on your budget and needs. But we’re also here to tailor a bespoke approach devised just for you. We’ll discuss your business, goals, budget, and how much you want to DIY and outsource. We’ll audit your website to see what’s working and what isn’t. Then we’ll figure out what you’re currently doing regarding SEO and content creation.

When we’ve got all the pieces of the snowflake puzzle that is you and your business, we’ll devise a plan just for you. One that’s affordable yet capable of effectively landing you at the top of those SERPs. All our clients lack the time, resources, skills, or patience to manage their SEO strategy in-house. They’re missing an ineffable element that just makes everything work. The secret ingredient isn’t so secret, it’s just a bit of wild magic born from years of experience, expertise, and knowledge. And it’s at your fingertips…

Success Stories

Rebel Wolf Marketing is an SEO Agency bringing a little wild magic to businesses internationally. We also have a local office in Cheshire for businesses in Northwich, Knutsford, Middlewich and the surrounding areas. We offer bespoke SEO services, including on-site, off-site, local SEO and content creation.

Local Health Clinic

Service: Omega Blog Grimoire Investment: £394 Monthly

Local Health Clinic - Stats

*Campaign ran June 2020 – February 2022

Rebel Wolf Marketing is an SEO Agency bringing a little wild magic to businesses internationally. We also have a local office in Cheshire for businesses in Northwich, Knutsford, Middlewich and the surrounding areas. We offer bespoke SEO services, including on-site, off-site, local SEO and content creation.

Web Geek Stuff

Service: Pack SEO Grimoire Investment: £1,870 Monthly

Web Geek Stuff - Stats

* We started work in August.

Fixed Price Spells

Monthly SEO Grimoires

Ensuring your website is well-optimised for search and has a strong foundation and structure capable of attracting traffic is vital. Keeping your website updated, so content remains relevant, everything continues to work properly, and any issues that arise are fixed ensures search engines start sending traffic your way. Meanwhile, working off-site to build your profile and visibility, and gain high-quality backlinks leads to your content is equally critical. With all that going on it’s hardly surprising, so many businesses are overwhelmed by SEO. Our simple SEO packages are designed to ensure you can start building your search engine visibility right away, whatever your budget.



Best for those working with limited budgets.



Best for creating steady on-site results on a small budget.



Best for on-site optimisation and kick-starting off-site work.



Best for creating an effective on-site and off-site strategy



Best for brands creating high levels of their own content.



A one-off purchase best for a powerful PR & SEO boost.

Updates 1 1 2 4 20
Audit & Fixes Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Portal Access Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep
Citations Quaterly Quaterly Quaterly Monthly Quaterly
New Static Page Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Blogger Outreach 1 4 4
Content Plan Weekly
Media Outreach 6+ Successful Quote Placements

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Monthly Blog Grimoires

Regularly updating your blog has huge benefits. Posting a new blog updates your website, signalling to search engines your information is current. It gives you the opportunity to rank for new keywords, and when done as part of a consistent schedule allows you to create topic clusters and a powerful cross-linking strategy. All of this is GREAT for your SEO. But beyond that, your blogs can form the base of a comprehensive content marketing strategy that can be repurposed across multiple platforms as social media posts, newsletters, podcasts or videos for your YouTube channel). Blog for long enough, and you amass enough intellectual property to create a book or course to raise your profile and generate passive income.

All our blog posts are optimised for target keywords and written with the best SEO practice in mind. We provide a premium, royalty-free stock feature image for each, along with all metadata needed.

We’ll even upload them for you!



Best for those working with limited budgets.



Best for creating steady
results on a small budget.



Best for those looking for better results on a medium budget.



Best for brands looking for affordable content marketing.



Best for brands looking for maximum impact and ROI.



Best for one off blogs, website pages & unexpected projects.

Blog Frequency Fortnightly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly One Off
Words Per Blog 600 600 1k 1.5k 2.5k As Required
Stock Image
Portal Access

The Rebel Wolf Seo Crew

Rebel Wolf has a small but dedicated team of highly trained experts who are well-versed in SEO. That’s not just our writers. It’s also our web developer and other team members. Why? Because creating a truly successful SEO strategy means integrating search engine optimisation into every aspect of your marketing. Whether it’s the design and structure of your website or the inclusion of QR codes and augmented reality on print material, SEO isn’t just about your words. It’s not even just about your website. So why wouldn’t we ensure every team member has SEO expertise?

We can take on as much or as little as you need regularly or as a one-off job. From the technical optimisation of your website to ensure it’s as visible as possible to crafting high-quality content that attracts your ideal client. And because we’re all super savvy digital marketeers who stay abreast of the latest trends and algorithm updates, we also know exactly what not to do (you know, keywords stuffing, content spinning, buying a ton of backlinks, that kind of shit).

Looking For A Local SEO Agency?

Are you based in Northwich or one of the surrounding areas of Cheshire? (Shoutout to anyone in my hometown of Knutsford and denizens of Middlewich, where I currently dwell). If you’re looking for a local SEO agency to help you optimise for your location and ‘near me’ searches, we can help. Optimising for local search is vital if your business model includes target area(s) or you have brick-and-mortar premises. You might be focusing all of your marketing people in a specific area. If you can’t help people outside that area, it doesn’t make much sense to spend money getting in front of them. Or you may want to dedicate a chunk of your marketing resources to local SEO as part of your overall strategy. Whatever your needs, Rebel Wolf is your friendly SEO Agency based in Winnington, just outside Northwich. That makes us perfectly positioned to handle all your local SEO needs.

And, of course, if you’re not in the Cheshire area, fear not; we’re so good we don’t need to be where you are to effectively optimise your website and content for people who are!


Still have questions about what Rebel Wolf is like as an SEO Agency and how our services work? No worries, we love answering questions…

SEO doesn’t rely on chasing down prospects. It relies on the consistent completion of specific actions that – when done well – results in a steady stream of people naturally finding and contacting you. It’s the closest thing marketing has to a magic bullet. While outbound strategies constantly involve reaching out, inbound marketing means you can relax, focus on your zone of genius, and trust that the Google gods are sending you the right people.

From brand story to sales pages, product descriptions to blog posts, all the content on your website needs to be optimised for search. When your copy isn’t well optimised, your site will struggle to rank. Beyond the copy, however, other elements on your website will affect your ranking power. Speed, navigation, user experience, and even design elements can implant your ability to rank. The structure of the site itself also impacts your ranks.

If your website wasn’t constructed with SEO best practices, it might inadvertently sabotage your efforts. That includes ensuring your website’s infrastructure allows search bots to crawl all your content. Keeping it all running as smoothly and speedily as possible. Ensuring the site is fully responsive no matter what device is being used. Fixing broken links, errors, and other issues. Not to mention regularly updating your site with fresh content and updating existing content on an ongoing basis. All of this, and more, comprise on-site SEO.

A great SEO strategy requires much more than the on-site work completed through content and site optimisation. On-site work is essential for telling the Google gods what you’re about, but to get the ball rolling where traffic is concerned, you also need to take action that builds your domain authority and trust. This tells Google that your content is trustworthy, valuable, and worth showing to people. The higher your domain authority grows, the more willing search engines become to send traffic your way. The reason the BIG SITES command so much traffic is (usually) because they have very high domain authority.

Off-site SEO actively drives traffic to your onsite content by placing links to that content on other sites. Audiences on those other sites find you by clicking through the links. This drives traffic and tells search engines that your content is reliable, trustworthy, and valuable. This increases your domain authority. The more traffic going to your website, the more worth of traffic the search engine gods believe you to be.

Off-Site SEO work essentially builds your online profile and visibility away from your own website. You can begin with some basic actions, like making sure you have plenty of citations in online directories. From there, you might want to include blogger outreach, which requires a little more legwork but is well worth the effort to create a healthy backlink profile for your site. And if you are looking to create the best off-site strategy possible, we can also look at media placements and get you featured in PR pieces.

First, you need to understand they’re hats for witches and wizards (natch), so they’re super pointy and floppy. The white ones belong to the good spellcasters, the black ones to the evil fiends… just kidding. Well, half. White hat and black hat SEO are common terms. They basically mean good practices and bad practices. Good practices are actions that search engines view as positive and will reward you for by bumping you up the ranks on SERPs. Bad practices are things the search engine gods frown upon and will penalise you for by sending you plummeting into the depths of hell – by which we mean lower down the SERPs. If you’re interested in specifics on this one, check out Hermione Vs Voldemort: All You Need To Know About Black And White Hat SEO…

Why would you want to? Sure, back in the day, you could whack up a post with 2-300 words, and that did the job. But these days, it’s a waste of time. It’s a waste of your resources. It won’t achieve enough to justify the expense. And we’re not in the business of letting you spend your hard-earned cash on SEO tactics that aren’t going to net you a great ROI. It’s one of the tenets of Rebel Wolf. We hate that. It may change in the future, but for now, the search engine gods favour longer content. The longer, the better. Creating anything less than 600 words is pointless if you’re blogging for SEO purposes. Ideally, you want to post 2.5K in length or even longer content. If that’s a daunting prospect, updating your blog posts regularly by increasing their length by at least 25% with fresh content will make them even more powerful. So you can start with 600 and regularly add to it until it reaches the 2-3K mark. More details on the perfect word count for blogs can be found here…

The Google gods got a lot smarter a few years ago and realised that nobody wanted to read content stuffed with the same keyword repeatedly. They crafted smarter algorithms capable of understanding that SEO strategy’ and ‘Search Engine Optimisation Strategy’ mean the same thing. They’re clever enough to understand that sometimes you need to say a blog is optimised for search and sometimes that it’s search engine optimised. Google is even smart enough to understand that SEO and LSI are related keywords talking about the same topic.

What does this mean? It means we can write a blog or article that’s well crafted and enjoyable to read but also ranks highly. We do this by researching terms related to the main keyword a piece of content is being optimised for and creating a list of keywords relevant to the same topic. We then use as many of these keywords as we can naturally include in the content and the usual work we do to optimise for the main keyword.

The result is a post that Google loves because they can see it’s about your specific keyword, but relevant to a wider topic, and – most important – well written. Contrary to popular opinion and the AI services offering to spit out content for you in minutes, the Google gods value quality over pretty much anything else these days. They aim to provide users with the best possible content to answer their queries. That means quality over quantity and great writing over keyword stuffing.

The term for incorporating a cluster of related keywords into a post is Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI.