There’s an African proverb that I love, and it goes like this…

The Sheep Spends Its Entire Life Fearing The Wolf, Only To Be Eaten By The Shepherd

Entrepreneurs and business owners often find themselves in the role of the sheep. Meanwhile, the ‘gurus’ they follow are shepherds. They herd the madding crowds in a single, definitive direction, teaching them their ‘vision’ of how businesses should work.

They may even teach them how their own business works.

A lot of the time, they don’t practise what they preach.

Instead, they peddle a method that people can buy into, one that makes the shepherd incredibly successful, at the expense of their flock. The method employed by the shepherd, however, is a little different.

The best example I can think of for this is a particular company online that touts its ‘no sales funnel’ method, banging on about how sales funnels are no longer relevant and don’t work, but THEIR method is THE method to use. They do this, while ushering the sheep into their funnel. The method they use to promote their own business is the very thing they’re telling students to abandon in favour of their special method.

A better method.

But if it’s better, why aren’t they using it to promote their own company?

Why are they using an ‘outdated’ sales funnel?

Many business empires in the entrepreneurial sphere are built by peddling a concept that inherently limits the growth of its students.


Because if it didn’t, those students would stop paying the guru. The shepherd would stop getting fat off the same bunch of sheep and have to constantly find new lambs.

And it wouldn’t be an empire. There are of course many genuine experts who practice what they preach and teach amazing methods. I’ve had some fabulous mentors and teachers over the years who have built empires empowering others by teaching them to put their own unique spin on the very method they used to create their own freedom business.

I also experienced a lot of false gurus over the years, learning far more valuable lessons from their faults than I did from their teachings.

So, what if you aspire to be more than a sheep?

What if you aspire to be more than a shepherd devouring its own flock?

What if you were a wolf?

And you didn’t herd a flock, but led a pack.

A pack of wolves reared to be independent, self-sufficient and encouraged to form their own packs.

A Marketing Philosophy With A Difference

I have my vision: to build a business empire that empowers others to build empires of their own, according to their own unique visions.

It’s time to step out of the sheepfold and to stop following the shepherds who feed off their flock. At Rebel Wolf Marketing, we don’t just follow a path; we create it. We’re not interested in herding; we’re here to form a pack. Here’s our philosophy, drawn from the wilderness, forged in the fire of real-world experience…

Unleash the Wild Within

Don’t be confined by the safety of the pasture. Embrace the untamed wilderness. There is a wolf inside you, waiting to strike out, discover, create, and lead. In the world of business, the safety of the flock can be an illusion. True safety, growth, and success lie in your wild nature. The sheep fear the wolf, but we say it’s time to become the wolf.

From Hardship to Leadership

I wasn’t born a wolf. But I was raised by wolves, and in the process transformed from sheep to wolf through trials, errors, and a relentless quest for knowledge. My journey is the Rebel Wolf roadmap. We’ve distilled what took me years of blood, sweat, tears and expense to learn, into a single strategy so you don’t have to wander the forest alone.

Empowerment, Not Exploitation

In the entrepreneurial world, many shepherds exploit their sheep. We reject that model. We want to empower you, not feast on you. Our strategies are designed to level the playing field, allowing you to compete organically without having to be part of anyone’s herd. We don’t believe in spending time and money on strategies that can’t deliver a great ROI.

Howling At The Moon

Like a wolf’s howl, your content can resonate far and wide. It doesn’t have to cost anything; it just has to be powerful. We’ll teach you to howl in a way that leads to success without breaking the bank. Of course, if you have ad budgets, great! We’ll teach you what to focus on to maximise your results. But everything we teach (and do) works organically if ads aren’t an option.

Knowledge Is Power

Many leaders trap their followers in narrow plans that serve only themselves. We want you to be free, strong, and in control of your success. No more confusion from countless ‘gurus’ and their overwhelming ‘keys’ to success. We’ll help you cut through the clutter with content marketing, a single approach you can learn and grow with, putting the power back in your hands.

Build Your Empire

Our vision goes beyond making you a successful business owner. We want to empower you to build an empire of your own. We’ll provide the tools, strategies, and courage you need to forge your path and create something uniquely yours. Something that brings you true independence and financial freedom, including passive and scalable income streams from content alone.

A Pack, Not a Flock

Our model is not about herding but leading. We want to form a pack of wolves, each strong, independent, and encouraged to form their own packs. This is not about making us successful at your expense; it’s about empowering you to thrive and lead.

Rebel Wolf Marketing is not just another shepherd selling dreams to sheep. We’re here to awaken the wolf within you, to transform you from follower to leader. Join us, and let’s redefine the way business is done. Let’s build empires together, not for the sake of one, but for the empowerment of all.

The pack awaits you. 🐺