The Brief

Entertainment website WebGeekStuff began as a copywriting client looking for regular anime content. Being as Hazel (or resident GirlBoss) is an anime nut, she jumped on the project. After a month of happily penning posts about all her favourite Studio Ghibli films, the empowering feminism of Shoujo, and all the famous actors you never knew did English anime dubs, their SEO manager unexpectedly left. The Powers That Be were looking for someone to step into the role for the rest of the year. And we were happy to oblige and supercharged website traffic.

WebGeekStuff’s revenue depends entirely on ad revenue, which is directly proportional to traffic. So, the name of the game was driving as much traffic as possible to the site as rapidly as we could. There was no advertising budget to work with, and while they had a Facebook page, no real traffic finding them from Social Media. The goal was to create as much impact as possible with the limited budget available.

The Project

While WebGeekStuff had a minimal budget at its disposal, what it did have of immense value was a team of writers. In addition to Hazel’s anime content, several other freelance writers were penning weekly posts for the site. We leveraged this to its best possible advantage, creating weekly post ideas for all the writers, while Hazel continued writing additional posts. Since traffic was the goal, we had a heavy SEO focus in our content creation plan, looking at keywords we could rapidly compete on relevant to the ‘geeky’ niche of the site. In addition to posting fresh weekly content, the writers also worked on regularly updating existing posts. We didn’t have the resources to update all posts regularly, so we strategically focused on those starting to rank, further optimising them for their existing keyword, LSI terms and adding fresh content to each.  

Blog Posts
Traffic Increase
SEO Success Story: How We Supercharged Website Traffic With A Cunning Plan And Lots Of Updates | Digital Marketing Case Studies

The Results


This work ran from August to the end of November, including the creation of almost forty blogs by Rebel Wolf, plus an additional two or three per week by the rest of the writing team, and five post updates per week.

As you can see, traffic was a little unstable for the first half of 2022. There was a dip in results in July and August with the departure of the previous SEO manager. We took over SEO management in August, and after a solid month of effort, traffic was markedly up in September, continuing a steady climb until the end of the year.


With consistent content posted on the site since its launch in 2021, website content slowly but surely started ranking for keywords. As you can see, the number of keywords the site ranked for grew little by little each month. Our goal was to supercharge website traffic, creating bigger leaps each month, and getting content ranking for as many keywords as possible.